Sunday, 25 September 2011

I love the poem below written by a visitor to Bluefolds in April. She has summed up perfectly for me what a holiday at Bluefolds can be like. It is called:

Look Through the Window

View to Cairngorm mountains
Look through the window
What do you see
The beautiful Country
A Fest for the eye

Look at the sky
What do you see
The stars shining bright
A moon that is full

Look at the ground
What do you see
The peat for the Whisky
A land full of hope
Black faced lambs in the field

Look at the pastures
What do you see
Sheep that are grazing
Lambs at their side

Look at the mountains
What do you see
Snow in the distance
On top of the world

Look at the weather
What do you see
Watching the weather over the distillery
A moment of sunshine
The clouds come and go

I've seen through the window
A glimpse to admire
Time stood still
At Bluefolds for a while

 Ann O'Donel

14 April 2011

Monday, 5 September 2011

Summer around Elgin

The weather has certainly been a mixed bag this summer where ever I have been in Scotland. It has been a challenge to get out and take photos in sunshine showing the beauty of the area. During August, I was called to be a Juror at the Sheriff Court in Elgin. In the end after listening to an afternoon of evidence, the Crown Prosecution Service decided there was no case to answer and the Jury was dismissed. I took the opportunity to go around Elgin Cathedral, Biblical Garden and to visit the Cygnets in Cooper Park on a lovely day when I had thought to be in doors listening intently to witnesses! More Photos of a day around Elgin