Tuesday, 24 April 2007

Aberlour in sunshine

It was such a beautiful sunny morning that I had to rush out to take more photos of spring. This is an iconic spot on the river Spey at Aberlour by the Penny bridge. It looks wonderful with the blue sky reflected in the river. After a little while some fishermen came along to add to the excitement of the river. I wish I had seen them catch a fish! The river Spey is a a famous river for fishing salmon and people pay lots of money to do this. The light had changed with more cloud in the sky and more wind, by the time the fishermen started which was better for them as if there is too much sun the fish can see the fishermen and avoid being caught!


Euni said...

You take such beautiful photographs, Elizabeth, full of soul, even though they are of landscapes. That is not easy to do! love, Eunice

Paul said...

you really got it right, pictures, colours, layout and text.